Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Tess and I went on a little vacation to Kauai, "The Garden Isle".

It was the first time for both of us in Hawaii, and it was an amazing vacation. Here are few things from the trip. Also see the 2 following posts, which cover our hike on the Kalalau Trail and a visit to Allerton Garden.

We stayed at an AirBnB place on the first and last nights of the trip. The first night we stayed at this really cool geodesic dome, known as the Epic Dome.

with an outdoor kitchen

This outdoor shower is the kind of lifestyle I can get used to.
This little amazing creature was our roommate.

The rest of the trip we camped. 

Beach camping at Anini Beach

Our beach home
We ate a lot of these Hawaiian pancakes.
Tess cookin breakfast in her new favorite poncho,
which we have dubbed the "Clint Eastwood".

Kalalau Lookout
Looking down on the Kalalau Valley, which is the terminus of the Kalalau Trail.

Wailua Falls

Tess at a heiau, an ancient Hawaiian temple

The island is overrun with wild chickens

Tess tried to buy some papaya and coconut at a roadside stand.
Before we knew it the lady grabs a whole coconut and hacks the top off with a machete and sticks a straw in it.

Spouting Horn

Our 1st Shave Ice. with vanilla ice cream. SO good.

beautiful sky      #nofilter.  
We did a very little bit of snorkeling. We should have done more snorkeling, and hit up the better beaches on the island, but we burned up a snorkeling day by staying an extra day on the Kalalau Trail, which is a decision that I do not regret.  [see the Kalalau Trail post].  

I also unfortunately had a laceration on my hand (from before the trip) which made it difficult to swim, because I was supposed to not let it get wet, (which is impossible). Anyway snorkeling is unnatural and awkward. It must be better and more fun once you get used to it, but I don’t really like breathing under water. Its unnerving.  

This dude was just chillin on the beach.
More shave ice

Some glass we found on Glass Beach

Kauai is beautiful and wonderful. I highly recommend it. 

The Kaua'i coverage continues in the next 2 posts: The Kalalau Trail and Allerton Gardens

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