About this Blog
This Blog started as a venue to share our voyage of packing up our life in Blacksburg, Virginia, venturing across the country, and attempting to set up a life in Portland, Oregon. But, long story short, we ended up in Seattle (for at least a few years). 

The blog has covered many different events: our cross-country voyage, some traveling around the West coast, various trips and vacations, and many visitors with their corresponding adventures, etc.

Even though the blog title is now somewhat of a misnomer and the  Oregon Trail motif isn't quite as relevant, I continue to use the blog as an avenue to document and share some adventures with friends and family afar.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoy some of our stories and pictures!

the Original "About this Blog" Statement: 
(things have changed a bit):
"This Blog will be a short-lived way to document our voyage of leaving everything in our current life behind, venturing across this large perilous continent, and attempting to set up a life in the wild, wild, west [Portland, Oregon]. It will cover the planning, gathering of supplies, the wagon-train voyage, the potential dysentery, the settlement, and beyond…."